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Food Zurich

Semplice delle Verdure

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Food Zurich

6. – 8. Juni 2024

6 PM

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Semplice delle Verdure

In collaboration with Food Zurich, we present a unique culinary experience that celebrates the essence of simple Italian cuisine and the diversity of vegetables.

Our talented kitchen has crafted an exquisite 3-course menu that captures the essence of Italian home cooking. With just a few ingredients, they create dishes that reflect the soul of traditional Italian bourgeois cuisine. Here, craftsmanship takes center stage, no unnecessary frills, just pure flavor diversity.

A menu without drinks is like an unfinished painting. Simple cocktails or mocktails pair with each dish on our menu. The drinks tell the story of the vegetables, inviting you to experience them - and thus the wondrous complexity of nature that nourishes and inspires us.

Be part of this special culinary experience and let us spoil you. Reserve your spot today and secure an unforgettable evening at our event as part of Food Zurich!